Friday, December 12, 2008

Traffic Gen 101: Link Page Evolution

Since we started blog we created or allocate a portion for the link page. The page where we put the links of our affiliates, other blogs and blogger friends link. It is usually put in a separate page or the right or left corner of your blog /website.

If you think thoroughly what's the primary reason of a viewer in visiting a blog / website. It is simply to read the content or article that he / she thinks can be helpful to him /her.

With Live Content Pages we can maximize the page usage. We will be able to help the readers by giving them a direct link for additional resources and at the same time gives traffic to your affiliate sites in just one page alone.

So why create two pages when one page will serve the purpose of two.

here is a good example of a blog that uses Live Content Pages.

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i James Roy! :) Thanks for linking to me. I owe you one! Happy New Year!