Tuesday, August 26, 2008

PS2 - God of War

God of War is wow

I played the game for more than 5 hours today and almost forgot my lunch lolz .. The game is simply amazing .. Graphics , game play, story and the my favorite the big mythical monsters ..

Thanks Tita Kims sa Lunch .. :) lami ang bihon and Bola Bola .. kung wala pa .. pasmo ko ganina ..

i don't exist --* wink* ---

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I am A Clown

by: Christian Cortez

"I have the happiest face in the world
i bring happiness even in the afterworld
so stop your moping, and start smiling
cuz nothing will happen if you're always frowning;"

These are the things that i want you to see
When you're with me, and be carefree
Underneath this happy shell is a lonely soul,
inaccessible to everyone, always been half of a whole

Hiding to everyone that i am able;
blending in too well, i am invisible
I chose this life of solitary
leaving nothing for discovery

And so i don this mask to conceal the real me
Because i am afraid no one will truly see;
to reveal the real me is a fright
i am out of place, i am never right

tormented with thoughts of loneliness
all i wanted is a little bit of happiness
But how can i achieve what i am looking for?
Am i just waiting for someone to open my door?

This is a poem made by my cousin Christian Cortez .. i think it is very good and it deserves to be posted for you guys to read.

We cannot deny the reality of the clown depicted in the poem... that people do try be happy and brave but deep inside, there is a lonely soul ...

i don't exist ... *wink* ..