Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ESPC Reborn

The fall of two teams and the birth of ONE....

The rivalry between the two equally talented teams (Spy ware and NS)has finally come to an end. They will no longer join the league due to lack of players .The team leaders come up with the solution to drop the teams and be united as one team and to be focus on the greater goal which is winning the crown and to promote camaraderie rather than competition between our office mates.

The team will be consisting of players from players from both shifts. Here's the tentative Line Up: (Majar, Elton, Mike Cardona, Ivan"Bong Hawkins" Roda, Erwin "Du" Daclan, Mic Wales, Agent Ale, Arjay,Allan "the Money Man" Villar, Percival, Jam, Kenneth Palabrica, Dennis Ruiz, Dennis Casa,Kurt,Ronald, Natz, Mykell "Choi" Villanueva and Me.

The Team will be doing some tune up games against some of the most notorious and well known team from the League. Will keep you update for the Schedule of Events.

Till All Are One - Optimus Prime