Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spyware: To play or not to play

Tomorrow is a holiday ... Spyware team is planning to practice for the upcoming semifinal match against the top seed Night Shift Team .. It's going to be a do or die game for the spyware since the NS will only need one win to eliminate us ..

Our team captain Percival initiate and try to enforce a one day practice for plays and strategy to implement during the semifinal game .. we are hoping to find answers to the night shifts back court fast break plays and minimize turn overs .. They are planning to have one day practice tomorrow morning since it's a holiday but my problem is that I don't have enough rest since i will be working 10 pm to 7 am and the practice will be on 8 am tomorrow ..

To attend the practice:


I will be able to catch with the team plays and strategies
It will be a good health exercise


Not enough sleep
Still on the healing process of my illness (allergy , cough and colds)

what will be my decision ? to play or not play ... hmm

i don't exist -- wink --

Monday, September 29, 2008

Shards of Alara - Pre Release Tournament

Last Sunday, I was able to join the Pre release Tournament : Shards of Alara. The event was the most successful Mtg Event in Davao ever :) with 33 registered players. Shards was a little bit hard in constructing a deck since some of the cards require 3 colors mana.. we need to balance our deck and enough mana fixers in order for the deck to work .. It took me more than the time aloted to construct my deck.. Thanks to my cousin .. for helping me re evaluate my deck .. :)


1st Game

I chose to draw first and got 1 Wild nacalt in hand ,1 lush growth, 2 forest, 1 mountain, 1 artifact that produces 3 color mana 2 rip clan crasher ... First turn: I played a forest and cast Wild nacalt and the opponent played his first land, Second Turn : I played another forest and cast lush growth to make the Wild nacalt 3/3 and swing it .. In my opponent 's turn .. he played another land .. 3rd Turn: I was able to cast 1 rip clan crasher and continue attacking while he got no creatures.. and on 4th turn : another rip clan is on board and he still got no creatures in play .. i was able to keep on waving without any problem .. 2nd Game: My Opponent chose to Play first and still lucky enough to get another Nacalt but with 2 Naya Charm ... got really lucky ... during the first round and finish it early by tapping all his creatures in my last wave that gave me the win in the first round

Standing 1-0

Second Round: Battle of the Long Hairs Vs Short Hairs

When we role the dice .. for who comes first the dice hit my fingers and make it in favor to my opponent .. This round was really the most difficult because i tried to take control of board with just an unblockble creature .. got lucky he dont have any burn spell during the first game .. and during the second game he was able to put his saproling maker mage .. into board as early as turn 3 and was able to produce enough sapro to finish to force a game 3 ... in game 3 I was able to damage him early and finish the game with the cycling burn spell :)

Standing 2-0

Short hair prevails ....

3rd game: battle of the undefeated

Game 1 Got a an early rally attacks and trim down his life to 10 by end of turn 5 .. but he was able to make a come back .. in the last turn he was down to 7 and in hand got a cycling card that can deal as much as 6 damage to target creature or player and i was hoping he will not block my 2/2 first strike creature ... but he decided to block it and .. he swings the big creature.. In game 2 he started to play his key creatures during the first 4 turns and freely swing attacks for 3 turns .. but was able recover to comeback but his Big Creature is back and freely casted it .. I tried to destroy it during the 7th turn but he got some instants to increase its life.. on board and still finishes me with two swings of his Feral hydra.:(

Standing 2-1

4th Match: Battle of the Titans - Vs Peter Ang

Game 1 ended fast with the lush growth and Wild nacalt combo and the 2 rip clan crasher during turn 4 .. it was a fast game indeed ... Game2: I wasn't able to get enough lands to cast some of my vanilla creatures .. :) he waves all his small but terrible creatures and forces a game 3: A lesson learned ... (" Greed will imprison as all" - Rush Hour 1) I fetch a land the I rarely needed without thinking that i needed a forest card to fix all the problem .. Ouch .. another heartbreaking lost...

2-2 I finished 16th overall .:) better luck next time ..

aim high .. soar high ...

wink... i don't exist.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Night before Shards: Farewell Tribute to Time Spiral

Whether we like it or not ... everything must move on ..

It will be a matter of hours from now .. the new set (Shards of Alara) will be introduce and Pre Release Tournaments will be launch by the different organizers.

What's next ? Still don't know ... when Tarmogofys, Damnation and Greater Gargis will rotate out in the Standard Scene. . what will happen to their respective decks ... huhuhu ouch .. Im thinking its a new era and new decks will rise .. a new type of control deck like Grave games, Lorwyn tribal (Elf, Kithkins, Faeries) and the new fav Demigod / RDW.

New Deck = New Investment = Money = Work hheehehe

Card Visual Spoilers of Shards are now posted in the different MTG related sites .. from Mythic rares, Rares, Uncommons down to the commons.. I find some of the cards interesting like the new red/green plainswalker .. I think it's good for both limited and constructed.

With all the rumors im now excited to meet Shards of Alara .. Farewell Time Spiral ...

wink ... i don't exist

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Meet my pet society pet : River Kelpie

Name: River Kelpie
Age: Unknown
Address : Swamps of Lorwyn
Favorite Food: Goblins, Tooth faeries
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Movie: Hellboy2
Loves: Sleeping and Eating

join the Facebook's Pet Society and meet new pet pals .. :)


You're a falling star, You're the get away car.
You're the line in the sand when I go too far.
You're the swimming pool, on an August day.
And you're the perfect thing to say.

And you play it coy, but it's kinda cute.
Ah, When you smile at me you know exactly what you do.
Baby don't pretend, that you don't know it's true.
Cause you can see it when I look at you.

And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times
It's you, it's you, You make me sing.
You're every line, you're every word, you're everything.

You're a carousel, you're a wishing well,
And you light me up, when you ring my bell.
You're a mystery, you're from outer space,
You're every minute of my everyday.

And I can't believe, uh that I'm your man,
And I get to kiss you baby just because I can.
Whatever comes our way, ah we'll see it through,
And you know that's what our love can do.

-- wahihih-- wahihihi almost 10x na gina balik balik sa playlist .. @ random man unta ang naka set wahihihih .. need to remove it sa playlist para dli na maka balik wahihih

Wufoo - Instant Sign Up page

I have been planning in storing sign up contact information for week now .. thanks to Wufoo.com I don't need to do some coding to come up with such page.. :) If you are planning to add a simple sign up page to your page .. u can visit its site (http://wufoo.com/)

you can try the free/ trial version .. just easy as drag and drop .. you can now create you're own and personalize sign up page .. and it can store as many as 100 entries or more

Here's an example !

I don't exist -- oink .. ops .. wink*

Monday, September 22, 2008

Shards of Alara - Pre release Tournament

At last .. the long awaited Pre release tournament of year

The Magic Fanatics are now saving money for the event .. selling their old decks and some valuable pieces of their old deck just to join the main event of the year .. If you are playing the game then you know it's the most enjoyable tournament of the year .. since its a new set , new additional rules (unearth, devour and more updates and changes) and lastly a bigger crowd .. Most casual magic player likes to play the sealed format during the first expansion of the set .. because it's the base set .. base set consist of spells that you need in forming a deck in the succeeding expansions... a good example is the lorwyn .. the set includes (cryptic and profane command, Garruk, Thoughsize and the power commons like mulldrifter.. ) ...

Davao Tournament schedule:

Location: Card Haven - BO Obrero
Date: September 28, 2008 *Sunday
Time: 10:00 am Registration
Format: Sealed

After the registration .. - every registrant will be given 1 tournament pack and 3 booster packs and its going to be his /her card pool..
- He/ She will be given around 45 mins to 30 mins to construct at least a minimum of 40 card deck
- every player must check all the cards to the checklist .. to ensure he/she will be using .. the exact card during the span of the tournament.

Good Luck guys ..

Sportless weekendzzz

Dust started it all..

We often see campaign posters against drugs and courts for sports ... except for the prince .. with a saying .. Say no to Drugs and Yes to sports ..

Last Friday, Our family doctor adviced me not to play sports for 8 days wow and take a rest .. as often as possible before going to work with tons of bawal food .. no seafood, no egg, no chicken, no gulay.. hu3x .. what a weekend it was and I am sure its gonna be the same activities to do for the next weekend ..

So next weekend I am going to call it Operation: Sportless Weekend

Must to do:

1. Rest. rest rest
2. No sport activities
3. Prevent the bawal foods
4. No outdoor activities

Plan activities :

1. Movie Marathon
2. PS2 / Xbox Mania
3. Magic The Gathering .. Pre release tournament Shard of Alara < it's not yet considered as sport .. plus it's an indoor game .. :) so i think i don't have problem with it :)

If you have any suggestion please feel free to leave comments ..

I don't exist ... puff puff .. **wink*

Monday, September 8, 2008

How effective the Spyware Ultimate Plan was?

During the game time ... the viewers were able to see how the Spyware stop the opponent from scoring and dictate the game phase.. With the help of the veteran player Percy we were able to asses and create strategy to beat the formidable Trojan team.

The First Half:
It was a see saw scoring battle between the two teams.. but thanks to the playing coach he was able to identify the important factors and individuals to watch .. and luckily were able to defend them properly... that give us a large lead as the first half ends.

The Second Half:
We started the second half with amazing shots . (put it in the highlight reel) but during the 3 min mark we had some problems in crossing the ball to the half court with their suffocating full press defense and boom .. they were able to tie the score that lead us to an extension period...

Overtime Period:
Deadlock - Again back to the see saw scoring battle but the difference was ... it's now all about free throws since the two teams are now in the penalty .. some shots were missed == with a minute remaining Kurt Damada breakaway from the defense and put a dagger with a backbone breaking 3 point shot that gave us a comfortable lead and were able to get the first win in the tournament.

Player of the game : Dodong Kenneth and Dodong Jam
Shot of the game: Kurt Damada Backbone breaking 3 point shot
Breakaway play of the game: Dennis Casa fastbreak point with a fancy dancing move after making the shot.

Pics and videos of the previous game message Mr. Erwin Daclan....

*wink* -- i don't exist

Friday, September 5, 2008

Spywares Ultimate Game Plan !!!

Spywares are down to 0-2 win loss record .. will tonight be their lucky night? .. After the disappointing game against the night shift The team captain Allan "the Money Man" Villar recorded the games of the next opponent .. he observed their key plays and formulated an ultimate counter play.. He tried to organize the team yesterday for the role each player will play while in the court and how his new strategy work against the next opponent .

if you are interested to see the redeem Spyware team then you should watch the game and see the ULTIMATE SPYWARE GAME PLAN..

*wink* - I don't exist ..

How to Combat Sleepiness when your at work

Sleepiness = low production / low quality of service = opportunity loss / low evaluation ratings = less earnings / unemployment

That's why we need to fight sleepiness at work ..

  1. Enough sleep - every person needs to have enough sleep 7-8 hours a day in order for their brains to function well. Tip: Don't go to bed hungry ..
  2. Balance Diet- We need to have a balance diet since we need to ... A balanced diet must contain carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, mineral salts and fibre. It must contain these things in the correct proportions.
  3. Exercise - It plays a vital part since it helps our bodies transition between the phases of sleep more regularly and more smoothly.
  4. Coffee -I think it is important to take coffee breakssss when you feel sleepy .. its one of the best counter measure in combating sleepiness ... CCA Certified Coffee Addict..
  5. Napping - Napping during break time is also a way of fighting sleepiness @ work ..
If you have some suggestions in how to combat sleepiness then feel free to leave a comment ..

*Wink* - I don't Exist -

Thursday, September 4, 2008

What are Day Shift Activities I miss

ayayay.. Last Night was the WordCamp another seminar i missed .. I really miss the Day Shift Activities ...

7am to 8am - Chix Crossing the Street MDQ and more -- regards lang ko sa iyaha ken

8am to 12nn - Coffee Breaks with Hen, Mikel and Dennis
Spiderman and Venom (PLDT and DLPC Tech Support staff)
Manong Undertaker and Kuya Mike
Hemantayon and Bisaya diay moves
Copy and Paste ....
Team Confe .. without any reason .. hehehe shh..

Lunch Break - Eating by Batch .. (1st batch : Aice, Val, Cyrose) (2nd Batch Me, Chai "pinakakusgan" Cesar), (3rd batch: Dean and Abby)
My Favorite Alaska and Tira tira Portion ..
Most important task log in and log out time.

1pm to 4 pm - Coffee break.. Copy and paste mode ..

4 pm - its Shot clock time , order, last two .. since i'll be listing our output in a small notebook summary and reports others called it as notebook for the list of foods and others called it a Last two notebook for betting.. hehehe

5 pm to 6 pm - It's overtime pero without pay ha .. hehehe time for file uploading

Activities after work / weekends

- Seminars and Friday Night Magic

*wink* -- puff puff .. i don't exist ..