Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ESPC Reborn

The fall of two teams and the birth of ONE....

The rivalry between the two equally talented teams (Spy ware and NS)has finally come to an end. They will no longer join the league due to lack of players .The team leaders come up with the solution to drop the teams and be united as one team and to be focus on the greater goal which is winning the crown and to promote camaraderie rather than competition between our office mates.

The team will be consisting of players from players from both shifts. Here's the tentative Line Up: (Majar, Elton, Mike Cardona, Ivan"Bong Hawkins" Roda, Erwin "Du" Daclan, Mic Wales, Agent Ale, Arjay,Allan "the Money Man" Villar, Percival, Jam, Kenneth Palabrica, Dennis Ruiz, Dennis Casa,Kurt,Ronald, Natz, Mykell "Choi" Villanueva and Me.

The Team will be doing some tune up games against some of the most notorious and well known team from the League. Will keep you update for the Schedule of Events.

Till All Are One - Optimus Prime

Monday, January 26, 2009

Is Back from out of nowhere

It's been more or less 3 weeks without an entry...

It's nice to be back from out of nowhere ...

Happy new year

I don't Exist

Conflux Spoiler Completed

I constantly browse the Mtgsalvation for the spoiler update for conflux.. Last night I found out that its now completed and way to early than what most of the readers expected ..

Good Luck 4 days to go Pre release tournament :)

Spyware Diary - Honorable Loss

Last Saturday, We played a do or die match against the Saint Peter College of Toril. Most of us is ready to play and win but due to fatigue factor we fail to win and fill the last spot for the semi-final games.

During the first quarter we were able to dictate the tempo of the game with the help of Jam's Hot Hands and Kenneth's power move towards the basket. We end the quarter strong with a 5 point lead.

The second quarter was a see saw battle. There were a couple deadlocks that ended with a tie ball game in the end of the 2nd period.

--- half time ----

During the second half we were careless and they were able to converted points from the reckless plays and lack of box out during the free throws. They dominate the rebound department and take over the game.

We lost the game but we were able to survive and loss some unwanted fats..hehhee

It is really honorable to loss fats in a natural and healthy way..

Better Luck Next Team ..... Practice .. practice yehey ..

I don't exist

Monday, January 5, 2009

Magic The Gathering - Christmas Tournament Results

Top 8:
1st - Bryan Wong (3-1)Red Deck Wins
2nd - David Yian (3-1)Red Deck Wins
3rd - Cristerson Chee (3-1) Faeries
4th - Mikel Steven (3-1) Faeries
5th - James Labrador (2-1-1) Mono White Control
6th - Janloyd Llorada (2-2) Faeries
7th - Jun Dobles (2-2) Red Deck Wins
8th - Louie Rebuelta (2-2)??

My Deck

Mono White Control

Lands: [24]
20 Plains
2 Forbidden Watchtower
2 Mistveil Plains

Creatures: [6]
4 Kitchen Finks
1 Archon of Justice
1 Twilight Shepherd

Spells: [27]
4 Condemn
4 Runed Halo
4 Mindstone
4 Oblivion Ring
4 Wrath of God
2 Idyllic Tutor
2 Endless Horizon
2 Story Circle
1 Mobilization

Planeswalker: [3]
3 Elspeth, Knight Errant

Sideboard: [15]
4 Pollen Lullaby
4 Unmake
3 Wispmare
2 Austere Command
2 Wheel of Sun and Moon

Thanks Ton.. :D

1st Round:Blue/Green Beatdown (2-1)

1st Game:
Turn 1 Slippery Bogle and turn 3 Favor of the Overbeing attached to Slippery Bogle plus one mimic to finish the game by turn 6 .. wow its fast ..

2nd Game:
Another Turn 1 Slippery Bogle and another early beatdown and down to 1 on turn 10 ..a top draw Wrath of God.. and the soldies rise with Elspeth 2nd ability..

3rd Game:
It was an early control *rune halo named all the possible creature and the flying vigilance soldier ( Mobilization and Elspeth 2nd ability) attacks each turn ..

2nd Round Faeries 0-2

1st Game: controlled the faeries with Story Circle (protection from Black)but he was able to counter the two wrath of gods .. and in turn 15 he was able to bounce the Story Circle .. GG ..

2nd Game: beatdown faeries .. huhuhuhuhuh :( 3 bitter blossom in play and prepared 2 counters if wrath of god comes .. nice game .. huhuhuh

3rd Round: Semi Bant (2-0)

1st Game: @ turn 4 Wilt-Leaf Liege and other creature starts to attack but on turn five got a Story Circle (protection from Green) and stop the beat down and clear the board with a wrath of god by turn six .. the mobilization soldier strikes back .. :D

2nd game: got 3 Oblivion / 1 wrath and 3 lands on the opening hand ..and was able to cast Elspeth on turn 5 nice control game and was able to finish the game early with the flying soldiers

4th Round: Naya (1-1-1)

1st game: its a defensive control game.. was able to name the possible threats with rune halos and cast a protection from green Story Circle during the 5th turn but wasn't able to get another wrath of god during the late game that leaves me open for burn spells .. :D eheheh

2nd game: was able WoG his creatures and cast two Kitchen Finks and an Elspeth on turn 7 with any creature on the other board was able to get an early win..

3rd game: not enough time .. and consider the 3rd game as draw.. :D

My Price: 1 - Deck Box, 1 random FNM card, 1 Sprouting Thrinax (alternate art)

It was a memorable since its my first time to use a White Control Deck..

I don't Exist

Friday, December 12, 2008

Conflux is coming to town by 2009

Nicol Bolas Against the four Plainswalkers.. Coming next year

Join the Conflux Prerelease and Launch Parties ..... The future of Alara is in your hands..

I don't Exist..

Traffic Gen 101: Link Page Evolution

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So why create two pages when one page will serve the purpose of two.

here is a good example of a blog that uses Live Content Pages.

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